What kind of camera do you use for Youtube?

Canon G7X

How do you edit your Youtube videos?

I use iMovie.

How do you edit your Instagram photos?

I use a couple of apps to create the desired effect. My favorites are:

  • Camera+

  • Darkroom

  • HUJI

  • Unfold

  • Lomograph

  • Nebi-Film

Can I use your pictures or content on my website or blog?

Yes you can, but only if you let me know by e-mail and mention www.fragrancyblog.com when you post the image.

Can you help me starting my own Youtube channel?

A quick answer would be; yes I can. Just go to youtube.com and sign up. Create your first video and upload it. But we all know that creating a professional channel takes a lot of time and effort. I suggest you make up a plan for yourself and think of a good name to start with. There are tons of blogpost already written about starting up a channel and even on Youtube there are a lot of video’s that can help you get started. My number one advice would be; do not hesitate and overthink to much, you can always change things later on!

Where did you bought Spekkie?

Spekkie comes from a breeder that is specialized in French bulldogs. You can visit the website over here.