A week without social media challenge - recap


Scent of the day: Whips and Roses by Kerosine

I had a long day of work and I did not sleep well that night. I woke up around 6 and started working at 9:00 (I had a skincare training by Caudalie) till 19:00. I notice I grab my phone to check out my Instagram but when I see the app is not there I remind myself why I did this. It expected it to feel uneasy but it actually felt quite good. I also had quite a shitty day, (very painfull stomach) so I was not that interested in other people.


Scent of the day: Lilac Love by Amouage

Today I had a day off! I only had driving lessons planned so in the morning I woke up very relaxed and lounged a little bit too long in my pyjama’s ;-) I also cleared my space , did the laundry, etc. The moments I thought about Social Media after waking up are far less than I expected. It feels like when I don’t have acces to the apps I just don’t care. It also feels very good to just enjoy my own life and business and not look at other people online.

While painting my nails in the afternoon, I found a very good video about the impact of Social Media and how it ruins our lives.

In the afternoon I played The Sims 4. And I’m currently reading Alan Carr’s stop smoking book + Wild by Cheryl Strayed. For some reason it feels like I have a lot more space in my mind to do other things that actually make me happy and relaxed ….

Ps, I found this great blossom tree near my house so I took a picture of it.

Wednesday and Thursday I downloaded the app again

Scent of the day on Wednesday: VOLO AZ by Profumum Roma

Schermafbeelding 2019-04-04 om 21.23.36.png

On Wednesday I had another day off (2 days in a row that’s a luxury in retail!) I decided to deep clean my kitchen and bathroom and in the morning I went to the hair salon to get a hair cut. After discussing with my hairdresser for a while we decided it would be the best to remove all the dead ends and the tiny bits of hair dye left on my hair. I said I wanted something classic and Marilyn Monroe inspired since I have curls myself so 12cm is chopped off. I came home kind of insecure and feeling all strange (it such a shame how society puts you in some kind of direction as a woman ….) but in the end everything is fine and I only got compliments. I really wanted to share my haircut on my Instagram, (just curious about the reactions) so I uploaded a picture … after that I closed the app and went on with my day.


Scent of the day: Juliette has a gun Lady Vengeance mixed with Molecules 01 - Later on the day Peau Santal by Miller Harris and after that at night - Amouage Dia (yep I’m the kind of person that likes to mix and switch).

Today I had to work from 11:00 till 19:00, I did check some stories (but not in swipe mode, just people I enjoy talking to in real life) and I answered some DM’s. In the morning I uploaded a picture of me telling I don’t want to share anything “fake” anymore and I made the statement that I won’t be editing my photos again with filters. My work day was fun, thanks to lovely staff. It really amazes me how much I actually care about scrolling on social media and keeping up with everything, I noticed I really like to look at other peoples lives when I know them in real life, not when influencers post something. By the way I lost 12 followers.

I like this low-key social media thing a lot. I feel a lot less frustrated, I have more time, more inspiration, and more motivation!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

I did check out some DM’s and uploaded some pictures but I did not scroll trough Instagram or watched stories. I have to admit it felt really good to just be more present and not think about Social Media a lot, we are one week ahead now and I have to say it slowly becomes a habit to just check my social media when I really feel like it and to not mindlessly scroll trough my feed while waiting for the bus. I also unfollowed a lot of people that upload content I can not relate to or I just don’t enjoy anymore.

Ps on Sunday I visited the vintage fragrance fair with my friend Nysa and I came home with some really nice items.


Will I do this again

I think I would if I feel like I’m getting “trapped” again but for now it’s ok. I try to limit my time on Social Media and focus more on books, series, my hobby or talking to people.

Sometimes we forget how it felt like to just live our lives without the idea of sharing or looking into other people’s lives. It was good to have that reality check again. I also took a break from Youtube and answering comments / e-mails but I’m back again !

With love,