About me

My name is Kim van Haaren, born in The Netherlands.

I grew up in a small town and was a pretty difficult to handle creative kid. My whole life I have been drawing and creating. 

I studied graphic design. After graduating I did a 4 year Bachelor at the Amsterdam school of the Arts and got my degree in 'fine art in education'. 

I have been working as a teacher in art and design but I decided to take a new career path and follow my passion: Fragrances.  

For the love of perfumes

Besides all the above, I have always been intrigued by scent. I only realized it when I was 14 and my dad gave me my first luxury perfume; D&G light blue. From that moment on I started to get interested in perfumes, the notes, the story behind fragrances and the creation of the juice itself. It was no surprise that in the Summer of 2015 I decided to start my own online platform to share my love for perfumes with the world. I called it Fragrancy. 

Fragrancy started as a blog I once created on Tumblr. But pretty soon after that I got more into Youtube and I have been creating video's ever since. On my blog I will also share fragrance reviews and other scent + lifestyle related topics.

Some more facts about me

  • I work as a fragrance specialist at De Bijenkorf. My job is to help people finding their perfect scent, do all the story stelling about the brands, and sell cosmetics. (Oh and sometimes I engrave perfume bottles as a special service for our dear guests).

  • I own a French Bulldog named Spekkie (bacon in Dutch).

  • I love skincare, home scent related items, and good books.

  • I like decorating my home, photography, designing and creating concepts.

I have a small portfolio with some of my artworks on Dribbble.