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Wedding perfumes part 1


Ok guys, I promised to write about my journey finding my perfect wedding scent. Over the past 3 weeks I have been testing many potential perfumes and I am finally ready to share part one!

Perfumes I have tested / worn and will talk about:

  • Christian Dior – Diorissimo EdT
  • Valentino – Valentina Poudre EdP
  • Amour Elegant Hayari Parfums EdP
  • Guerlain – Le Plus Beau Jour de Ma Vie – EdP
  • Fredric Malle – Iris Poudre EdP
  • Chanel N019 EdT


Also I’m working with a new way of ranking scents. Introducing it right now:



Christian Dior – Diorissimo EdT

Starting with the one I was the most curious about. A scent by Dior I never really payed attention to, but I wish I did sooner …. Diorissimo is first of all a bouquet with a lot of white flowers. It has a fresh breeze of lemon and green notes and smells very similar to a real bouquet.

It is slightly vintage, and most of all very elegant. I can totally see why people say that this is one of the best wedding perfumes you can get.

The scent has a great performance, and also great lasting power. I can see myself wearing this on my wedding day.

Price tag – 81 euros. 


Valentino – Valentina Poudre EdP

This one guys , is addictive. It’s sweet, powdery, sexy and people will notice you are wearing something! What I mean is that the projection is great! If you like the smell of lipstick … or maybe Replicas Lipstick on EdP … I’m sure you will love this. Also the price is very good and it’s a scent that is available in most perfume stores.

Someone from the Fragantica forum recommended it to me and send me a sample. It’s already empty! By the way I’m typing this blogpost with the scent on my wrists.

I find the opening to be better than the dry down, but for the price, you can spray a lot! I also believe that this is a people pleaser, I think a lot of women would love this so it’s also great for a gift.

Price tag 60 euros.


Amour Elegant Hayari Parfums EdP

This one surprised me the most. I was unknown to this brand and I must say …. I kind of fell in love with this. It’s a perfect blend of green and floral notes.

Also, this is a rose based scent. A note I really dislike in scents most of the time. But Hayari did it right! This is not your grandma type of rose-smell. It’s very elegant and classy. (I also love the bottle design).

Not sure if this is available very easily. But it’s worth checking out if you see it somewhere.

Pricetag 155 euros



Guerlain – Le Plus Beau Jour de Ma Vie – EdP

A scent with a name like this *translate : The best day of my life. Is supposed to be worn at a wedding. I had high hopes on this one. And so many people love this stuff and say it is unique … but really. I am not a fan at all …. there is something in this one that has a very sour and bitter smell on my skin. The dry down is by the way very similar to Maison Francis Kurdkjian Baccarat Rouge! A scent I do love and would choose over this one instead.

It’s not bad, it’s just ok. But most of all, overpriced.

Pricetag 250 euros


Fredric Malle – Iris Poudre EdP 

Not an Iris fan. And this one disappointed me. For some reason FM perfumes fade very easily on me. Also I find this brand way to expensive for how they smell and perform. Iris Poudre is an ok scent, but nothing special and is quite boring to me.

Also thought this would be a lot stronger ….

95 euros.


Chanel N019 EdT

I am still working on my love-hate relationship with number 19. I want to wear her so badly, and I hope it will grow on me someday. Like number 5 did, and many other Chanel perfumes. I took me one year to fully appreciate Chanel number 5. I just can’t understand how people that never really wear a perfume instantly love it. To me, it’s quite hard to get used to …

Anyway, number 19. Still not my favorite. But it is pretty indeed. I can appreciate it. It is a very sexy and classy green scent without being to “green” or “grassy”. Does fade away quite easily but maybe it was because I tried the EdT.

I’m thinking about testing the Poudre version of number 19 as well.

70 euros



Over all …


The Valentino and Dior scent made the best impression on me. I can see myself wearing this on my wedding day. But … there is more to be tested, so stay tuned for another post in the future !


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